Tunnel Books

Tunnel books originated in the 1700’s and were inspired by stage sets. However, its name has a surprising source. In England, this form of book was used extensively to advertise the newly built tunnel that went under the Thames River. The tunnel itself was a joke. It had cost more than 500,000 pounds (a considerable […]

The Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project

I have been documenting the progress of the Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project in Long Beach for over two years in observational landscape paintings. I was motivated by the powerful and complex images in the Port, and the historical significance of this construction. My work has focused on the linear qualities of the landscapes and […]


“The Millennials” are intimate portraits of young people I know and emphasizes collaboration to determine composition and color palette. In this series, Interpretations, Darwin’s selfies offered a unique opportunity to give a stronger voice to his ideas in the context of the project, and to develop images I would not have imagined. I asked to appropriate […]

Artist’s Statement, 2016.

Extended Artist’s Statement, March 2016 Helen Werner Cox The Theme: Employing the carousel as a visual metaphor of society, I exploited its complex and diverse images through different vantage points and media. The disquieting effect of the anxieties we experience regarding things beyond our control is expressed through the organization of values, lines, shapes, and […]

Conclusions from Paris

It was instructive to see the preparatory drawings and paintings in comparison to the larger, final compositions.  This happened by looking in different galleries, sometimes in different museums, but the intensity with which we approached museums in these last two weeks kept the images fresh enough that I could recognize and compare some of the […]

More adventures in Paris, 2013.

Notre Dame Cathedral:  impressive, beautiful windows, remarkable intersecting arches, and too many people!   You would think they could respect the request to keep their big mouths shut for whatever length of time they spent in the cathedral.  It looks like it is finally going to get the cleaning it needs on its 850th birthday. Palace […]

Impressions – Paris – June 2013

We got so comfortable in London it was hard to transition to Paris, but after the first day we began to enjoy ourselves.  The transit system is not as thorough and organized as the one in London, and the bathrooms are filthy, but the museums are great.  The food is way too expensive and not […]

Tate Britain; May 28, 2013

The Tate Britain has an exquisite exterior, ominously pitted along one side from bombs during WWII.  I was thrilled to find Henry Moore drawings and sculptures, as well as video footage of the artist at work.  It showed him bending the armature in a vise, applying plaster in layers to achieve the form, fine tuning […]

The Streets of London; May 28, 2013

The parks are beautiful in the sunshine and when it isn’t raining everyone makes sure they get out!  Here we are, walking along; we turn a corner and there, across the water, is a Henry Moore sculpture! One of our favorite mystery writers, Barbara Vine, wrote about the Portobello Market, so naturally we had to […]

Impressions, London; May 28, 2013

Charles Dickens Museum – excellent.  The kitchen and scullery gave a clue about the hard life of those who could not hire someone else to do the work.  Although Dickens was considered a champion for working class people and women, he apparently had a double standard when it came to his wife, who bore him […]