History Repeats Itself

Oil, oil washes, printing, 47 inches x 11 feet. 2022.

This is the final work in the Black Lives Matter Series. Corrugated cardboard was used to stamp print over the entire surface to create energy and movement. When the subsequent painted images became too “still,” the stamp printing was applied again, on top of the images. Historical events are represented by sepia tones and are… Continue reading History Repeats Itself

Déjà Vu Series

Déjà Vu. Monoprint, 18 x 12.5 inches, 2022. Photo inspiration: Brittany Murray and Jun Fajita.

Untitled Monoprint, 18 x 26 inches, 2022. Part of Déjà Vu series. Photos: Charles Moore, Miguel Arenas. Birmingham 1963. 15 x 21, monoprint, inspired by Charles Moore Hands II. Monoprint, 2022. 13 x 20″

Black Lives Matter: Entering an Era of Rebellion

This series was inspired by the spontaneous protests all across the country, which included people from all ages and cultures in support of the African-Americans in this country: their painful past and difficult present. It began as one painting and grew into a series. (See the Journal 2019 – 2020 for more details.) Two-panel oil… Continue reading Black Lives Matter: Entering an Era of Rebellion