1. Hi Helen, We have not met, but I am Peggy Clark’s partner. I just read your letter and opened the sites, yours and artillery. I love your work!!
    Interesting, out our bedroom window (sliders, so expansive view) we see cranes all over Boston, and have long been fascinated by them. So your paintings coat-tail on that interest.
    I also have been following your family, and Naomi, for the 20 years Peggy and I have been together! Someday we will meet! m

  2. Helen, I’m just so impressed by both your work and the amazing dedication you’ve shown to developing yourself as an artist in retirement. You’re truly an amazing role model, and I love the results. I’m taken also by your sense of color—particularly that under the bridge scene that’s enlivened by the orange that draws your eye away from the focal point then bouncing it back again. Thank you so much for sharing this with us all! And may we stand a chance of meeting again when (we hope) the Plague leaves us alive and able to venture out again!
    Much love,
    Peggy Clark

  3. Hi, Helen!
    I’m just so impressed by your work, and by your commitment to continuing to develop as an artist since retirement (I didn’t know you were so young when you retired—lucky you to be able to look forward to a long, long time working. Thank you for sharing this with us all. I hope we’ll be able to visit again when the Plague (I hope) retreats and we crawl out of our holes!
    Much love,

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