The Bridge Project, 2017

This was my first image of the Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project, completed in 2017 before I had greater on-site access. I completed two small studies in watercolor on location, and from them created the final image in the studio. Old and New Bridges at the Harbor, tempera and pastel. 20″ x 25″

The Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project


I have been documenting the progress of the Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project in Long Beach for over two years in observational landscape paintings. I was motivated by the powerful and complex images in the Port, and the historical significance of this construction. My work has focused on the linear qualities of the landscapes and… Continue reading The Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project

The Japanese Fishing Village

Once located in the LA Harbor in San Pedro, the Japanese fishing village is no longer there. The owners and residents were victims of forced relocation to concentration camps during WWII. Currently there is a monument in their honor which gave me a nice place to set up my painting gear. These images, a tempera… Continue reading The Japanese Fishing Village

Jasen In the Mirror

Oil on canvas, 2019. 48″ x 48″ Jasen wanted to explore his masculine and feminine selves in our collaborative painting. Originally he wanted to make a costume that was literally half male and half female, but that never materialized. So we decided to use a mirror image and we literally started with a mirror. However,… Continue reading Jasen In the Mirror

The Cello

Tempera and pastel on paper. 27 x 51″, 2019.

The Portrait Project

This project extends from 2018 to 2019. The face is a unique challenge because there is so much that is expressed in it: psychology, identity, humanity. To get over the hesitation I often experienced as I approached that part of an image, I set a goal of painting 35 portraits in three or six hours,… Continue reading The Portrait Project