Déjà Vu Series

Déjà Vu. Monoprint, 18 x 12.5 inches, 2022. Photo inspiration: Brittany Murray and Jun Fajita.

Untitled Monoprint, 18 x 26 inches, 2022. Part of Déjà Vu series. Photos: Charles Moore, Miguel Arenas. Birmingham 1963. 15 x 21, monoprint, inspired by Charles Moore Hands II. Monoprint, 2022. 13 x 20″

Faces: Black Lives Matter

Faces of Fear/Intolerance. Pastel over oil wash on paper, 2021. 47 x 57 inches. Photographers who contributed to the research: Brittany Murray, Andrew Shurtleff, Seth Herald, Mark Peterson, Jeff Kowalsky.

This is the first panel of a three-panel image called Faces. I am appalled by the negative, militia-fueled reaction to the BLM movement. It strikes me as a medieval response; in fact, I saw faces that could have come directly from paintings by Bruegel and Bosch. In order to organize the faces, I used a… Continue reading Faces: Black Lives Matter

Under the Bridge

Excerpts from my Journal: Part 3. I love the belly of the bridge as much as the top. From the time we painted in the parking lot at Connolly Pacific to now, it reminds me of Brueghel’s Tower of Babel. There are staircases that climb up the sides of the bridge pillars, made of metal tubing and… Continue reading Under the Bridge

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Foggy Morning

House paints on paper, 2019. 55 x 98 inches. This is the top of the new Long Beach bridge while it was being built. It reminds me of the old clipper ships. When I mentioned this to one of the engineers, he replied, “Well, the laws of physics do not change.”

The Harbor Meets Mondrian

Charcoal and pastel on paper, 2019. 55 x 76 inches. This image depicts ironworkers on the new Long Beach bridge as they construct the framework for the roadway of the bridge. This framework will be covered with wood, set on the scaffolding, and filled with cement. The wood is then removed and the cement is… Continue reading The Harbor Meets Mondrian

The Bridge Project Series, On Location

All of these images were begun–and often finished–on location; a couple were completed in the studio. Old and New Bridges at the Harbor. Pastel over tempera, 2017. 20″ x 25″ View From the West Deck. Inktense and tempera, 2018. 16 x 12″ (sold) Orange Scaffolding. Walnut ink, watercolor, 2018. 16 x 12″ Cranes and Columns… Continue reading The Bridge Project Series, On Location