The Huntington is Wonderland; August 2, 2011

In the midst of the Greek gods in the North Vista, the sprinklers highlighted the magnificence of nature’s own sculptor, the orb weaver. There, in the very center, was a golden spider, gleaming bright yellow in the sunshine.  Touched by Midas? The children were out again, this time a slightly older group – eleven to twelve years perhaps? […]

Children at The Huntington: July 26, 2011

With all the getup I have, I better produce something worthy at The Huntington! I am working on some studies from the statues in the North Vista. They are not the highest quality statues in the gardens but they are creative and establish a certain ambiance. About the place my art is at right now, […]

Day two at The Huntington; July 12, 2011

It feels incredibly selfish to go to The Huntington and devote myself to my art. I had to remind myself today that I spent thirty years working for the benefit of others. Yesterday I stopped by a fabric store in a lower income neighborhood, the very neighborhood I lived in for eleven years. As I […]

Adventures at The Huntington, July 8, 2011

After years of visiting The Huntington Library, Museums, and Gardens, I finally became a member, and not just of The Huntington, but of the Gardens Art Guild.  This allows me to go to the gardens on Tuesdays, when The Huntington is closed to the general public, to draw and paint.  What an honor and what […]