Adventures in London; May 24, 2013

Extrapolated from my drawing notebook: We spent seven hours at the Victoria and Albert Museum and did not see even half of what they have on display!  I focused on the areas most related to my current studies:  European art, particularly painting, drawing, and sculpture. They have a stunning collection of sculpture:  Rodin, medieval wood carvings, […]

Thoughts on Florence

Florence.  It has taken me all summer just to start writing about it.  I was there for three weeks, immersed in a summer art program at California State University.  It was wonderful, intense, gratifying, overwhelming, exciting, and exhausting.  I felt exposed, vulnerable, honored, and affirmed.  I did not do my best work.  I learned a […]

Death of Venus; Technical Aspects

Death of Venus; a Description The basswood figure is 24” long from fingertips to toes, on a 15” x 27” mahogany base.  It is a partially articulated marionette, without strings, to represent the control others are exerting on the woman’s body.  The basswood was stained and then varnished with satin polyurethane.  To make the hair […]

Death of Venus, the story behind the image.

Death of Venus; the Impetus The barbaric laws being passed to control the bodies of women, much as the bodies of slaves were controlled in our earlier history, have compelled me to create this carving.  There is a movement in the United States to strip women of their independence and return them to the days of annual […]

New Developments

So many things are happening all at once!  Perhaps the biggest news is my acceptance to the California State University summer program, Drawing and Painting in Florence, Italy.  For three weeks I will be totally immersed in some of the best art ever created, surrounded by artists, making my own art, and eating Italian food!!!  Just thinking […]


I absolutely love the anatomy class I am taking at CSULB with Peter Zokosky!  Not only is he knowledgable and a superb teacher, but he is having us construct a sixteen-inch, three-dimensional model of the skeleton and then we will apply all the muscles to it.  It is amazing how one’s understanding of form increases with the […]

End of a Tale

The cactus painting saga is complete, although the process continued to be fraught with challenges.  Apparently, over the holidays the garden is open to visitors on Tuesdays.  Not knowing this, I arrived ready to paint for hours, only to be warned by the gardener to expect several thousand visitors!  Naturally I left before the onslaught. […]

Painting at The Huntington: December 6, 2011.

Here I am, back at the spot of the no-cactus, attempting to use other near-by cacti of the same variety to fill in the big gap.  There were a lot of gardeners that day, cleaning up after severe winds blew down at least 50 trees at The Huntington alone, and destroyed many others.  The cactus […]

Two Shocks

The first shock occurred when I opened WoodCarving magazine, which had been laying on the living room end table for a couple of days.  When I got to page three of the magazine, there was a huge image of my very own wood carving illustrating the article about this year’s competition!  I was so amazed I got that […]

Struggles at The Huntington: September 27, 2011

Honeymoon’s over; work has begun. I wage a constant battle between what I see and what I feel. In order to get more expressive drawings, I must select from what I see, the elements that express what I feel when I look at an object. I finally reached a point where I felt my drawing […]