Thoughts on Florence

Florence.  It has taken me all summer just to start writing about it.  I was there for three weeks, immersed in a summer art program at California State University.  It was wonderful, intense, gratifying, overwhelming, exciting, and exhausting.  I felt exposed, vulnerable, honored, and affirmed.  I did not do my best work.  I learned a tremendous amount.  I still have a lot to process and absorb, and a whole journal of ideas for future art projects.

Florence.  It is a fabulous city with so many riches that even in three weeks of going to a new place every day we only touched on its incredible treasures.  One day I must go back at a time when there are not so many tourists and it is not so hot and I can go back to certain places to stroll through at my leisure.  November, perhaps.

I don’t know that I have ever felt so raw.  Maybe when I made big breaks in my life:  starting at Boston University, moving to Southern California.  This was another big break in my life, as I step into my next massive change, to study art in great intensity and to produce serious art.

I am off to California State University Long Beach today, to see the work of grad students and professors.  The door is open and I am going to step through it, no matter how unformed I feel.

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