Painting & Drawing

Darwin Grey

Oil painting, 44″ x 34″ December 2016 In this portrait of Darwin, he selected the materials used and provided the accessory props. The original drawing on canvas took over a dozen tries to get it right and even then it continued to change during the painting process.


Quill pen, ink, colored pencil, 18″ x 24″ Summer, 2016. Donor’s Choice Honorable Mention, Ink & Clay; Kellogg Art Gallery, 2016. 8th Annual Drawing Discourse Exhibition, University of North Carolina Asheville, 2017. Juror: Scott Noel.

Dead Horse II: Warehoused

Waterbased ink, Inktense, and colored pencil, 21″ x 29″ Summer, 2016. Displayed at uBe Art, Berkeley, 2016.

Warehoused II

Charcoal, 18″ x 24″ Summer, 2016. Displayed at the Verum Ultimum Art Gallery in Portland, Oregon, 2016.


Inktense, waterbased ink, and pastel. July, 2016.  55″ x 84″ This is based on an earlier sketch from the warehouse.  The carousel animals appear to have broken free from the mechanisms that bound them, and a resulting panic ensues.

The Dead Horse

Water-based ink and conté crayon, 21.25″ x 29″ 2016 This horse is waiting for restoration at the Running Horse Studio Collection in Irwindale, CA. An initial drawing was made on a clear sheet of acrylic, from which I created an additive monoprint. The second, ghost print taken from the same matrix was extremely light and […]


Water-based ink and conté crayon, 18″ x 24″ 2016 The theme of the antique carousel has taken a slightly new direction in these recent drawings, completed at the Running Horse Studio Collection in Irwindale, CA. The animal is now separated completely from the carousel, although still bound by poles and trapped in a carving. They […]

Breakout or Outbreak: Which Will It Be?

Oil and Pastel, 70″ x 138″ January 2016 This image was inspired while drawing for several hours as the carousel at Griffith Park spun around and up and down. Form was developed only until it began to interfere with motion. Objects were allowed to disintegrate and dissolve into one another. Initially the bottom of the […]

The Sentries

Sentry I (left) Ink and Charcoal, 92″ x 35″ October 2015 The value arrangement for this image was inspired by Goya’s etching, Friend Asensi. The architecture was derived from the Santa Barbara Carousel and the horse was drawn from a carving by Spillman Engineering in the Running Horse Studio Collection. Sentry II (right) Water Soluble […]

Blue Mule

Pastel, 101″ x 52″ August 2015 This drawing is an oversimplification of the many lights and shadows on a carousel, which occur between competing artificial and natural lights, not to mention reflections everywhere! Cooler, darker animals in the foreground were selected against a warm background light, with a cooler natural light coming in through the […]