Dreamscape: Griffith Park

Reduction Print 5

Reduction Linoleum Print, 15.5″ x 24″
December 2015

In addition to the fabulous examples of Art Nouveau at the Griffith Park Carousel in Los Angeles, the movement evokes a dreamlike quality which was the focus of this print. A reduction linoleum print, also known as a suicide print, requires the artist to print each color in succession, cutting from the same block to preserve the color areas just printed before applying the next color. When the print is finished, the block is reduced to only the area of the last color. It will not be possible to replicate that print ever again.


  1. That’s an extraordinary , ambitious print. I never heard the term “suicide print” but I think I get it. Beautiful print!

  2. Fantastic! I’ve not heard of a “suicide print” before. The resulting simplicity has so much depth!

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