Silent Screams

Breakout or Outbreak: Which Will It Be?

Oil and Pastel, 70″ x 138″ January 2016 This image was inspired while drawing for several hours as the carousel at Griffith Park spun around and up and down. Form was developed only until it began to interfere with motion. Objects were allowed to disintegrate and dissolve into one another. Initially the bottom of the […]


                    Basswood Carving, 22″ high, 24″ long, 8″ wide March 2016 Underlying modern religions and largely forgotten lies the Earth Mother, an embodiment of female power and fertility. Modern attempts to liberate this force have failed; like the carousel creatures she cannot experience equality and freedom […]

Dead Horse

Reductive Monoprint, 2016. Selected by Ann Prentice Wagner, Curator of Drawings at the Arkansas Arts Center, for inclusion in the 2017 Delta National Small Prints Exhibition at the Bradbury Art Museum.

Three Horse Heads

Collagraph (left) and marker drawing (right).

Dreamscape: Griffith Park

Reduction Linoleum Print, 15.5″ x 24″ December 2015 In addition to the fabulous examples of Art Nouveau at the Griffith Park Carousel in Los Angeles, the movement evokes a dreamlike quality which was the focus of this print. A reduction linoleum print, also known as a suicide print, requires the artist to print each color […]

Dreamscape II, a triptych.

This triptych won the Windes Corporate Gallery Award and was displayed in downtown Long Beach, 2016.

The Sentries

Sentry I (left) Ink and Charcoal, 92″ x 35″ October 2015 The value arrangement for this image was inspired by Goya’s etching, Friend Asensi. The architecture was derived from the Santa Barbara Carousel and the horse was drawn from a carving by Spillman Engineering in the Running Horse Studio Collection. Sentry II (right) Water Soluble […]

Blue Mule

Pastel, 101″ x 52″ August 2015 This drawing is an oversimplification of the many lights and shadows on a carousel, which occur between competing artificial and natural lights, not to mention reflections everywhere! Cooler, darker animals in the foreground were selected against a warm background light, with a cooler natural light coming in through the […]

Silent Screams

Oil and pastel on paper, 90″ x 90″ June 2015 This composition evolved from the lithograph of the same title. Although the horses are of a corresponding configuration (flipped in the lithograph due to the nature of printing), the architecture is used in this image to emphasize the circular motion of the carousel. The focus […]

Tunnel Book: The Pageantry of the Carousel

  Lithograph, watercolor, acrylic. 9.5″ x 10″ May 2015 Tunnel books, arranged to simulate a three-dimensional illusion, originated in the 1700’s and were inspired by stage sets. However, its name has a surprising source. In England this form of book was used to advertise a newly built tunnel under the Thames River. The tunnel itself […]