Death of Venus.

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Trapeze Artist: a puppet refurbished.

This puppet was refurbished from a rather ordinary female marionette and transformed into a male trapeze artist.  The face was sanded off and repainted.  The hands and feet were carved from bass wood.  The costume is designed after the clown costumes worn by Barnem and Bailey clowns in the early 1900’s.  I built the trapeze […]

Who’s the Fool? A Commentary on Mass Media

The Codpiece, made from an actual dollar bill, represents the control the plutocracy in our country has on the media and therefore, those people who believe what they see on television.

Queen Elizabeth I, a puppet make-over.

This puppet was re-created from a rather primitive puppet, which I took apart. The face was re-structured and the costume original, based on images of Good Queen Bess.

Haunted Garden 2011: The Jabberwock

This Jabberwock, a giant marionette with a ten-foot wing span, is made almost entirely from recycled objects and fabric samples. It moves on the same principle as Roman drapes. The head, left arm, and right leg are connected to one pull;  the wings, right arm, and left leg are connected to the other pull. This allows […]