The Tea Party

Oil on linen canvas. 48″ x 36″ 2017

Girl with Three Earrings

Vine charcoal on grey paper, 15.5″ x 10″ 2017


Oil, 44″ x 34″ 2017


Pastel over tempera, 42″ x 32″  2017.


19″ x 15.5″ Pastel 2017

County Fair III

20″ x 16″ 2017. This abstraction focuses on the energy and sound that overpowers all else at the midway of the county fair.

County Fair, monoprint versions.

20″ x 16″ 2017 A collagraph was inked up as a monoprint and the linocut printed on top. It captures for me the loudness and energy of the county fair. Displayed at the Bradbury Art Museum in Arkansas, 2018 Delta National Small Print Exhibition.

Warehoused III

Oil painting 34″ x 44″ 2017 This is the final image in the three-year project, “Silent Screams.” It was painted on location at the Running Horse Studio Collection in Irwindale, CA.

Darwin Grey

Oil painting, 44″ x 34″ December 2016 In this portrait of Darwin, he selected the materials used and provided the accessory props. The original drawing on canvas took over a dozen tries to get it right and even then it continued to change during the painting process.


Quill pen, ink, colored pencil, 18″ x 24″ Summer, 2016. Donor’s Choice Honorable Mention, Ink & Clay; Kellogg Art Gallery, 2016. 8th Annual Drawing Discourse Exhibition, University of North Carolina Asheville, 2017. Juror: Scott Noel.